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Biraja Lectures

Annual Biraja Lectures :

1.Biraja Lecture is held every year on the Triveni Amavasya, the swanakshatra of Devi Biraja, the reigning deity of Jajpur as fixed in the Biraja Panji.

2.The guest speakers are essentially prominent in the cultural field of Orissa or India.

3.The guest speakers shall be selected and invited to accept the offer at least one month in advance of the 1st day of lectures on the following terms :

a)The lectures shall be subjects suggested by the College or mutually agreed upon between the college and the speaker.

b)The guest speakers shall send the manuscripts of the lectures at least 15 days in advance of the 1st day of lectures.

c)The speaker shall receive T.A./D.A. as admissible under Govt. rules.

d)The guest speakers shall receive an honorarium of Rs.200/- only per lecture.

e)The copyright of lectures shall rest with the college and the speakers have no claim to royalty on the sell proceeds of the lectures to be published as a supplement to the college magazine.

f)The Magazine shall be a priced publication but the students and the members of the staff are entitled to a free copy of the Magazine as complimentary copies and the balance sold to the general public through the college cooperative store.

4.The organisation of the lectures shall be the sole responsibility of the principal who may constitute a management committee comprising the following and other if necessary.

a)Secretary, Staff Council.

b)Adviser, College Union.

c)Heads of the Teaching Department.

d)Adm. Bursar & Accounts Bursar.

e)The President & the Secretary of the College Union.

f)The Secretaries of the other College Associations.

5.The fund shall comprise :

a)10% of the annual subscriptions paid by the students to all the college Associations except the S.S.G. (if available)

b)Sales proceeds of the published lectures.

c)Donations, grants on requests.

6.The Principal shall remain the sole authority in all the matters pertaining to the Annual Biraja Lectures, N.C. (Autonomous) College, Jajpur.

7.Honorarium For The Speakers :

Dr. Sulok Sundar Mohanty, Reader in Sanskrit, has contributed a sum of Rs.21,400/- in memory of his eldest brother as “DR. BRAJASUNDAR MOHANTY MEMORIAL FUND” as a fixed deposit in the UCO Bank, Abdalpur Branch, the interest proceeds of which has to be given as the honorarium to the speakers of the Biraja Lectures on the condition that they have to submit two copies of their speech, one for publication and another to be sent by the college in the permanent address of the donor.


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