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1.The N.C.College Consumer Co-operative society was established in July 1963. It has been duly registered under the Orissa Co-operative Societies Act., 1968,
Orissa Act II of 1963.
(a)The objects of the Society are to promote the
economic interest of its members and more particularly to assist them in obtaining goods and other daily necessaries of life at a reasonable price.
(b)to encourage self-help, thrift and cooperation among its members, and
(c)to disseminate knowledge of co operative principles and make use of them as far as practicable.

2. Membership of the store is open to all the students, members of the staff and other employees of the college.
3 Membership can be made by purchase of shares of Rs.2.00 each.
4. On every member an entrance fee of Rs.1.00 is charged.
5. The affairs of the store are managed by a Board of Directors comprising.
(a) President – Principal (Ex-officio)
(b) Secretary – A member of the staff and
(c) 9 persons elected from among the members.

Thank U, Visiting Our Website.